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牆畫製作 Q&A

Skyblue Zoey Workshop 的優勢是什麼?






請將相關牆壁相片、大概尺寸、要求和想法、參考圖片等,傳到我們的WhatsApp、 Email或聯絡頁面,我們會估算大概價格給您。如有需要,可以免費預約我們現場度尺及提供意見,觀迎隨時聯絡我們!


了解需求 → 初步報價 → 繪畫簡單構圖確定製作方向 → 出報價單 → 決定製作後,在預定施工日或之前需繳交50%訂金 → 開始繪製 → 驗收並繳交50%尾數。








如有其他問題,請隨時WhatsApp我們!(+852) 5563-6258 Steven

Wall Painting Q&A

What are the advantages of Skyblue Zoey Workshop?

Zoey is the main painting artist for all our wall painting projects. So that the painting skills and quality are consistent.

Zoey has been proficient in all kinds of paintings since she was a child. Also she has many years of experience in wall painting. The selected works on our website are all drawn by Zoey. In addition, she concerns to the harmony between wall paintings and the environment as she is also an interior designer.

The painting medium we use are high-quality wall paints. Compared with the Acrylic used by some artists, obviously it has many advantages such as waterproof, anti-bacterial, temperature resistant, not easy to fade and crack. The difficulty of using wall paints is that it has obvious color change before and after drying, which requires more experience to handle.

All of our projects are carried out in a sequential manner. We will not work on two different projects at the same time. So we can concentrate to finish your wall painting.

How to get a quote?

Please send relevant wall photos, approximate dimensions, your requirements, ideas and reference pictures through WhatsApp, Email or contact page. We will estimate the preliminary price for you. If necessary, you can make an appointment for our on-site scale and provide advice for free, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

How are the project steps?

Understand the client needs > Preliminary quotation > Draft drawing > Official quotation > Pay 50% deposit on or before the scheduled first working day > Start drawing > Check and accept, pay the remain 50% fee.

How are the charges calculated?

It mainly depends on the drawing difficulty. The most direct way is to contact us.

Generally, the landscape painting is quite easier. If the composition contains buildings or animals, the drawing time will increase accordingly. Some special cases such as ceiling murals, fluorescent paintings and painting with a height of more than 3 meters. The price will be higher due to the increased difficulty of painting, additional insurance and materials costs.

The viewing distance of outdoor wall paintings is usually farther than indoor so that the degree of detail is lower and the price will also be lower.

Other considerations include wall quality, special working conditions and midnight working.

Non-profit organizations, public schools or hospitals etc. will have special discount.

Can you speed up the project with using more labour?

Wall painting is a work that attaches great importance to quality. Although adding manpower may speed up the project, different painters have different painting styles, which cause to inconsistent brush strokes and drawing styles. If you really need to speed up the work, you can tell us in advance. The methods can be considered include as early as possible the work date, extending the daily working hours and simplifying the drawing composition.

If you have any other questions, feel free to WhatsApp us! (+852) 5563-6258 Steven