About Me

鄭秀儀 Zoey,牆畫師 / 室內設計師,有多年室內設計經驗,精於牆畫創作,曾負責設計及監製多個私人屋苑主題會所。

2008年與同好成立 Layers Painting Workshop,為眾多家庭、餐廳、商店及機構繪製牆畫,獲得多間媒體訪問,包括J2、NowTV、香港電台壹周刊、星島日報、地產王、自主空間等等,2013年為了專心照顧兒子而結束公司

2020年成立 Skyblue Zoey’s Workshop,與同為設計師的丈夫Steven,繼續為欣賞藝術的客戶創作更細緻的牆畫作品,用色彩為生活環境增添更多活力和喜悅。

Zoey Cheng, Wallpaint Artist/ Interior Designer, has years of experience in interior design and wall painting. She has been responsible for creating and supervising the clubhouse theme of several private residencial houses.

In 2008, she established the Layers Painting Workshop and created delicated wall paintings for many families, restaurants and institutions. She has been interviewed by many media including J2, NowTV, RTHK, Next Magazine, Sing Tao etc.. She closed the company in 2013 to focus on taking care of her sons.

In 2020, she established Skyblue Zoey’s Workshop with the hope to create better works for people who appreciate wall art and adding more vitality and joy for the living environment.

聯絡我 Contact Me:skybluezoey@gmail.com